Dr. Jeffrey C. Woody


The Most Reverend Jeffrey C. Woody, the Establishmentarian of The Cathedral at The House and Refuge International Ministries, Inc. He was prophesied over at birth by the late Reverend Dr. James L. Best, who was also known as ‘The Eagle Eye Prophet’. He prophesied that God was going to use him in ministry.

Under the tutelage of Dr. James L. Best, he faithfully served the ministry in various capacities and served as his assistant. It was there that he received the mantle of prayer! As he was poured into, he developed an insatiable appetite for the deliverance of souls!

While establishing the work that has been assigned to his hands, Bishop Woody followed the example set by Jesus…’Minister to the Whole Man’. Each month, the Food Pantry and Clothes Closet Ministry distributes clothing and furniture to those in need and serves a hot meal to the less fortunate. This time is also used as an outreach tool to minister the word of God. He uses all available resources to spread the glorious gospel of Jesus Christ to dying souls.

The desire to see youth lifted from beneath the ‘fog’ is what motivates him to reach out to them. Regardless of their background or circumstances he still envisions hope for the youth. Bishop Woody has mentored countless young men and women and encouraged them not to settle for less. While meeting the needs of the community is satisfying, there is nothing more satisfying than to see someone’s life changed!



Lady Denise Woody
Supervisor of Women


Lady Denise Woody, the founder of “A Peace of Mind”, functions as a healer to the women in the body of Christ. The message that God has given her has helped countless women to realize that they are SOMEBODY in Him! She is gifted in the area of helping raise women’s self- esteem. The Peace of Mind conference has been held in Philadelphia, PA, National Harbor MD and Newburgh, NY. Lady Woody also functions in the prophetic realm: When she tells you something – all you have to do is sit back and watch it come to pass!


Lady Denise Woody currently serves as the National Supervisor of Women for Refuge International Ministries, Inc. She has traveled across the country encouraging women to strive for excellence in God. Her love for ministry has also taken her overseas to Europe and India.


God, knowing the plan for her life, allowed her to experience the pain of witnessing two of her children suffer through what the doctors call ‘an incurable blood disease’. It was through this experience that Lady Woody became a woman of faith and power! Her fiery furnace experience has propelled her into ministry with an anointing that causes demons to tremble.