Christian Arts:

This ministry provides a creative outlet for members to minister the Gospel of Jesus Christ through poetry, acting, stepping, interpretive and liturgical dance.

Intercessory Prayer Team:

Intentionally prays on behalf of the church, the community, and the world at large.

Media Department:

Provides visual and audio recordings of our worship experiences. Additionally, the media team is responsible for the maintenance of sound and video equipment.

Men's Department:

This ministry leads, empowers and strengthens the men of God to be all they can be in Christ. Meetings are held to promote fellowship and a strengthened relationship with Christ.

Music Department:

The Cathedral Music Department is comprised of several choirs and praise teams. While singing in great harmony is the goal, the ultimate desire is to have an impact on the congregants while ministering through song.

Rapha Ministries (Nurses Unit):

Lead by a licensed registered nurse, group members receive training and certification in health related areas. We are prepared to minister healing if someone becomes sick or injured during the service.

Usher Board:

Male and female ushers have the sole responsibility of keeping order in the sanctuary during all services and events.

Women's Department:

This ministry provides fellowship opportunities for women to collaborate and be empowered. Through meetings and conferences the women of God are able to be inspired and strengthened.

Youth Department:

Youth leaders inspire, lead, and challenge young people to live a holy and victorious life in Jesus Christ. Our young people are encouraged to let their light shine and to be set apart from the world. Youth-oriented activities and events are planned several times throughout the year.